Wedding photographer munich – anniversary shoot

Nadine & Sebastian – Five year anniversary shoot

I meet Nadine & Sebastian in Munich this summer for an anniversary shoot. Right away I got this strong sense of how much they were in love.


Now they have been married five years and judging by how they look at each other its not hard to imagine how incredibly happy they must have been on their wedding day. Guys, this was so much fun, I really hope to hear from you again in five years from now.



Thanks for all the help to:


Organization: Jeanette Simbiyara hochzeitsplanerinmuenchen & Nicola Neubauer verrückt-nach-Hochzeit

Make up Artist: Fee Ronja Schineis

Florist: Julia Hörl

Cards: Sonja Bührke die-exklusiven-einladungskarten

Decoration: Pompom Manufaktur

Location: Bar LEHEL

Clothes: Anzüglich & Kleidsam & Armani Jeans


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