Fine Art Wedding Album

Right now it is the time a year where I am designing wedding albums for my clients.

Of this fantastic wedding I designed one bigger album for the couple and two smaller parent-albums (which have the same design and thus are clones of the bigger one).


There are three sizes available: 28×28 cm, 19×19 cm and even minialbums at 12×12 cm, which make an excellent present.  Every album is custom designed by me and the pictures are printed on thick semi-gloss photo paper.


I like these albums lot but in case you are looking for something even more exclusive I also offer completely handmade fine-art wedding albums where you can choose freely from a range of choices on different materials and colors for the cover, different kind of paper as well as all kinds of different sizes and boxes.


Please check out my Fine-art wedding albums here


Bröllops album

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