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One from last week

I find winter weddings clearly underrated. The light is often stunning and lightning the darkness with candlelight really sets the scene and creates a mood of its own.

This image is from last week at New Year’s Eve.

Brollopsfotograf Sundsvall

Bröllopsfotograf Höga Kusten

A look back at 2013

Some of my favourites from the past year…

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Fine Art Wedding Album

Right now it is the time a year where I am designing wedding albums for my clients.

Of this fantastic wedding I designed one bigger album for the couple and two smaller parent-albums (which have the same design and thus are clones of the bigger one).


There are three sizes available: 28×28 cm, 19×19 cm and even minialbums at 12×12 cm, which make an excellent present.  Every album is custom designed by me and the pictures are printed on thick semi-gloss photo paper.


I like these albums lot but in case you are looking for something even more exclusive I also offer completely handmade fine-art wedding albums where you can choose freely from a range of choices on different materials and colors for the cover, different kind of paper as well as all kinds of different sizes and boxes.


Please check out my Fine-art wedding albums here


Bröllops album

Sanna & Vincent – Preview

Brollopfotograf Stockholm

Some more teaser images from this wedding you will find on my facebook page.

Sara & Leo – Preview

Bröllopsfotograf Torpshammar

Here a first glimpse of Sara & Leos wedding two days ago in Torpshammar – Sweden.

It was truly wonderful and I just cant wait to blog the full wedding here – so much I can tell you already. For some more images feel free to head over to my faceboog page.

Diana & Dan – Preview

Bröllopsfotograf Höga Kusten

Some more teaser images from this wedding you will find on my facebook page here

One quick teaser from the weekend


Wedding inspiration

Only a few weeks to go until the wedding season kicks in. I assume a lot of you who are getting married this summer are busy right now planning and arranging all the details for your wedding.

Here is some inspiration for floral decorations and stationary. And while you are at it: Check me out on pinterest for more wedding inspiration:

Wedding Decoration
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Organization: Jeanette Simbiyara hochzeitsplanerinmuenchen & Nicola Neubauer verrückt-nach-Hochzeit
Florist: Julia Hörl
Cards: Sonja Bührke die-exklusiven-einladungskarten
Decoration: Pompom Manufaktur
Location: Bar LEHEL

Bröllopsmässan på Grand Hotel

Every year in the end of January there is a wedding fair in Stockholm. Not just any kind of fair though.

It is held in one of Swedens finest hotels, the Grand Hotel. Of course the setting is spectacular as well as the exhibits are. Three days of luxury and inspiration. Thanks to all the nice couples I had a chance to chat with.

Varje år i slutet av januari är det bröllopsmässa i Stockholm. Ni som har varit på Grand Hotel vet ju hur fantastiskt fint det är och ni som inte har varit där hoppas hittar lite inspiration av bilderna. Tack till alla trevliga par som kom förbi min monter.

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Bilderna här har min fru Madelene tagit. Hon är för övrigt en fantastisk barnfotograf. Kolla gärna in henne på

Några av utställarna på bilderna hittar ni här:

Yxtaholms slott

Scarlett Weddings

Bisou Bisou


Johan Mörk

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