Fine Art Album

A fine art wedding album is propably one of the best ways of remembering your big day and will be appreciated for generations to come.


I would like to show you one of my favourite albums that I offer. I really like the luxurious feel of the canvas cover combined with the thick, mate fine art paper. The album is hand made all the way and its quality is simply fantastic. Its spreads are plain flat, which makes it possible to put an image over both pages.
Of course it is also available in other materials such as leather cover as well as other sizes. A lot of my couples use to order extra albums for their parents, family and friends.


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    3 responses to “Fine Art Album”

    1. Hej!

      Oj så vackert! Får jag fråga var du tryckt boken? Tummen upp för fantastiska bilder för övrigt :)

    2. Tack, Johanna. Jag mailar dig.

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